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Our Services

Residential & Commercial Indoor & Outdoor New Pool & Spa Construction.
Pool and Spa Renovations

From new installations to sleek renovations, our goal is to make your dream a reality.

Whether you’re seeking a personalized backyard retreat or a focal point for your commercial facility, our dedicated design team is ready to serve you.


We take pride in building elegant swimming pools & Spas that can have anything from stunning water features to extravagant lighting. Our design options are limitless and are available to enhance any pool build.


Whatever style pool you choose, you’re guaranteed an expert installation that brings your design to life.


  • Classic

  • Natural

  • Free form

  • Vanishing edge

  • Indoor

  • Outdoor


Contact us today for your next Pool Construction / Pool Renovation Project to discuss a custom design for your upcoming swimming pool, fountain, or water feature project.

Water Features

For everything from your pool & spa to ponds and grand deck designs, water features create a tranquil, one-of-a-kind space. With over 20 years’ experience in design and installation, the One Stop Pool Care Team can help you select and install any water feature of your choosing to produce the unique custom looks our clients want.

Pool Service/Maintenance

Protect one of your most valuable investments – your pool and/or spa by hiring a professional pool service company. We keep your equipment working properly, your pool structure intact, and the water chemistry balanced so you can enjoy your pool or spa any time you want.

We take great pride in taking care of your pool for you ,your family, or community. Our knowledgeable staff keeps your pool clean and safe and performs the following maintenenance tasks to ensure your pool is clean and sanitized:

  1. Weekly monitoring and maintaining of pool water chemistry

  2. brush pool walls

  3. skim water surface

  4. clean waterline tiles

  5. backwash filter

  6. vacuum pool floor.

  7. Monitor pool equipment and repair if need be.

  8. Monitor pool structure and report any finding to client.


We not only keep your pool sparkling clean, but we also can repair and replace your pool equipment as well as tackle any construction project that may be needed. Our team of experts make sure you get the quality service you expect from a full-service swimming pool company.


  • Tile Repair & Replacement

  • Re-Plastering

  • Coping Repair & Replacement

  • Conversion of pools to Gunite

  • Patio Repairs & Replacement

  • Upgrade Plumbing & Electrical

  • High-efficiency Mechanicals

  • Lighting

  • Water Features Additions

  • Auto Covers


If your pool or spa is old or looking a bit outdated, it may be time for a pool renovation! One Stop Pool Care can change the look of your pool by switching up colors, stones and tiles and by revamping your decking, pool, and plaster.


After our renovation, your pool or spa will look fresh and exciting, giving your whole backyard a more polished and up-to-date feel! With One Stop Pool Care renovation, you can change the look and feel of your home dramatically with little to no effort on your part!


Having your pool renovated can give your home a major face-lift, but, if you’re looking for that extra “wow factor,” we also offer outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, water features, and other add-ons that make your space the outdoor paradise you’ve only ever dreamed of.


With our competitive prices for backyard & pool renovation, there’s never been a better time to invest in your home. Call us today and schedule a home consultation—you may be surprised about what you can upgrade in your home with our pricing and finance options!

Repairs & System Upgrades


  • Heater

  • Piping

  • Leak Detection

  • Filters

  • Pumps & Motors

  • Chemical Feeders

  • Automatic Covers & Control systems

  • Tile & Coping

  • Surface Repairs

  • Auto-Cleaners

If you just need your pool repaired or system upgraded, One Stop Pool Care offers professional pool repair technicians who care about your wishes and needs. We can fix virtually any pool-related issue and we promise quick and thorough service.  We pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest in technology and are happy to offer a variety of automated system upgrades and or repairs.  


Our goal is to enable our clients to continue enjoying your pool & spa as soon as soon as possible. One Stop Pool Care is in Lincolnshire, IL, and provides service in all surrounding communities. Give us a call today and speak with a team member—(847) 602-2235.

Swimming Pool inspections

Whether or not you’ve previously owned a home with a backyard pool or spa, it’s important to arrange for an expert evaluation of the condition of the pool at the home you may soon call your own. Just like a house typically undergoes a professional inspection before escrow closes, so, too, should a pool and spa.


A proper pool inspection from One Stop Pool Care will inform potential buyers of several key issues, ranging from the elevation of the deck surface to the functionality of the pool equipment, to any structural concerns and compliance with local and state requirements. 

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